You are almost there! This page provides more information on becoming a First Nations Gifts vendor.

Once you complete this registration, we will then send you your vendor account details so you to begin setting up your store.

Now that your application has been approved, we ask that you read this page and complete any requirements to register as a Vendor…

1. Read this page thoroughly to complete your registration.

2. Create an account on First Nations Gifts here.

3. Return to this page to complete your First Nations Gifts – Registration.

5. We will then change your account you just created to a Vendor account and email you when it is ready.

6. We will then work with you to create your brand on the First Nations Gifts site.

5. Once your brand is set up, you are ready to get selling!

Remember, we look for great products that are different, unique and that represent our diverse First Nations Stories across all product categories.

The qualities we look for in a product include…


Products must be of high quality.


We look for unique products that are beautiful, new, different and innovative.

We especially love products that are made exclusively for our First Nations Gifts marketplace and we are happy to discuss further what products these might be. Products made especially for our site (eg. not available anywhere else) are more likely to be featured in promotional activities.


We like products or brands that tell a story! It’s not necessary for the story to be literal or obvious, it can be integrated into a product or range. You may have a great brand story or your story is part of your practice as a maker or part of your cultural heritage as a business owner.

Products on First Nations Gifts may embed a obvious or subtle, traditional or contemporary cultural story or visual identity.


First Nations Gifts sells retail products, whether they are commercially manufactured in large volume or hand-made at smaller volumes or limited editions. Products need to be consistent and reproducable.


All products must be presented at the highest quality including product packaging and shipping packaging.

Product photography must be of very high quality and fit within the image guidelines for the site. We encourage you to provide as many high-quality images as possible of your products.

We can also provide support to create high quality images of your products.


We look for products that are priced for wholesale. Your product pricing should allow wholesale pricing and embed a suitable profit margin for us to be able to retail the products. The prices of your products on First Nations Gifts should reflect the same prices you set for your products online.

To begin and continue to sell as a Vendor on First Nations Gifts, you must offer a minimum of six different products, however there is no maximum.

If you are unsure that a product will be approved on the site, you can always email us first to get our opinion before loading it.

Occasionally, we may ask to see the product in person to have a better look at it prior to approving it on the site. Once we have had a look we will work out a way of getting the product back to you.

Vendors have access to their own portal called ‘Campfire’ within the site where information related to First Nations Gifts vendors is held. Campfire will inform you of:

  • site changes,
  • best selling and best performing products
  • new brands joining
  • alerts for upcoming sales opportunities
  • a knowledgebase on how to navigate the site

Vendors receive:

  • a 10% vendor discount on all products on First Nations Gifts
  • access to new products manufacturing

Currently, products are only being offered for sale to Australia and New Zealand. However, we do plan to offer the products to other countries worldwide in the near future.

There are no fees to become a vendor or to set-up an account on First Nations Gifts, and we do not charge any ongoing subscription fees. We just charge you a commission when you sell your product or service and a small fee per item sold.

Below are some global marketplaces and their fees:

  • Amazon – $49.95AUD per month + approx 12% commission on the sale (when drop-shipping)
  • hardtofind – 40% commission on the sale of drop-shipped products
  • ebay – $24.94USD per month + 9.5% commission and a range of sales and optional fees

Our marketplace fees are:

  • First Nations Gifts – No monthly fee + global product commission rate of 10% + a small fee per sale of $0.50cents to cover product set-up and fees charged by our payment providers, Stripe and Paypal to process the sale of the product.

For Example: A customer pays $95 retail for your product (product price), The customer also pays $5 gift wrapping (product add-on fee), $10gst (tax) and $10 flat-rate shipping (shipping). The commission is applicable to the final product price in the cart creating a commission price on the sale of $110. The commission will be 10% of $110 ($11.00) and a $0.50cent sale fee totals $11.50, leaving the remaining funds of $98.50 to be paid to you the vendor.

Once a customer makes a purchase from your brand store on First Nations Gifts the funds are collected from the customer through the payment facility selected by them (either Stripe or Paypal). We process the payment to you after the item is marked Shipped in your vendor dashboard.

When a customer makes a purchase from your brand store on First Nations Gifts, the funds are collected from the customer through the payment facility selected by them.

The payment facilities we provide are Stripe and Paypal. You will need to register with these (or use your current registration) to get paid by First Nations Gifts.

Once you mark a product as Shipped, this will trigger the release of the funds to be paid to you.

We process any customer payment to you within 48 hrs of it being shipped. Please note that processing time-frames and actual delivery of funds may vary between the two payment providers (with Stripe generally delivering faster payments).

When the payment (or commission) for the item is processed, we receive our commission for the sale of the item at the same time.

We have the facility on First Nations Gifts for you to put your store in ‘Holiday Mode’. This means that you can conveniently pause selling while to take holidays or if you need a break.

If you need to close your store for any reason, you can do that too. You are not locked in to any contracts or timeframes. The only thing we ask is that you provide us with written notice so that we can suspend your store from trading, get all your customer orders shipped and finalised and pay you any outstanding payments prior to archiving or deleting your store.

To prepare you will need to:

  • Have at least six different items available to sell.
  • Have professionally shot (or professional looking) and styled product photographs that comply with the image specifications of First Nations Gifts or be willing to produce them when requested.
  • Be able to fulfill and ship orders with Australia Post or Sendle* or another courier.
  • Have a valid ABN (if you are an Australian-based business/company)
  • Have a business Paypal account and have a Stripe Account to get paid.
  • Have a logo ready – preferably landscape style on a white background and that can be cropped to 250x98px (pixels).
  • If you have an existing website – we may be able to import your products and copy them to the dashboard of your brand store of First Nations Gifts. This will save you time in uploading your products.

Notes: Sendle is available for vendors located in the city and major regional centres. If you live in regional areas, please check if Sendle will pickup in your area. We can also assist with ensuring your logo will meet the image size specs.

Yes, we can provide both advice and support to assist you in creating your Brand presence on First Nations Gifts.

We can provide both technical and presentation advice when setting up your store so that it looks it best and complies with First Nations Gifts visual requirements.

We can give you tips on styling and photography, product descriptions, pricing and packaging.

If you have a range of products on your own website we can potentially import your products into your account on the site to save you from having to load each product individually. Please enquire with us on this process.

Please Read and Accept the First Nations Gifts – Agreement below:

Once accepted and we receive your registration, we will send you your vendor Account details and you can login through the Vendor Login area.

Once you have logged in, you will be directed to Campfire – the vendors homepage. This is the area where all the information you need to be a vendor is available including information on products, a knowledgebase and product development options.

At the top left on the Campfire page you will find a blue Vendor Dashboard button. This will take you into your Vendor area, this is where you can begin to set-up your store, load your products and start selling.

Please email us at [email protected] (this is our adminstration email address) with any questions on information on this page.

Vendor Registration - Acceptance

    Please read the Vendor Terms & Conditions here: