Sell your products with First Nations Gifts!

Why? Because we love makers and creators and we know we are better and stronger together.

At First Nations Gifts, we focus on ‘Original Gifts by Original Peoples’, that is our mission!

So we prioritize high-quality products created and sold by First Nations businesses.

We invite any person over the age of 18 can apply to become a vendor and sell their products on First Nations Gifts.

On our site we have two categories of sellers:

  • First Nations Gifts – Vendors
  • First Nations Gifts – Product Sellers

Our vendors manage their own brand presence on First Nations Gifts. Our product sellers sell their items through us until they are ready to sell on their own and become a fully-fledged vendor.

First Nations Gifts is a curated marketplace of First Nations products and services.

Because all products on First Nations Gifts are curated, we request that potential vendors apply through our ‘Vendor Registration page’.

Will will then assess the suitability of your products for our site and if your business is ready to sell online.

Once approved as a Vendor…

1. You will be provided with your own brand presence, vendor Login and Dashboard (CMS – content management system) to load your products under your own Brand section on the First Nations Gifts site.

2. You load your product images, descriptions, set your product prices, shipping options and prices and other product options.

2. First Nations Gifts markets both our site and your products to potential customers.

3. Customers place orders and pay through the First Nations Gifts checkout.

4. We will immediately let you know when a new order is placed.

5. You login to your Vendor Dashboard and you send the customer the item/s ordered.

6. Once their order has been sent, we pay you through the our payment portal.

We look for great products that are different, unique and that represent our diverse First Nations Stories across all product categories.

The qualities we look for in a product include…


First Nations Gifts products must be of high quality to be sold on First Nations Gifts.


We look for unique products that are beautiful, new, different and innovative.

We especially love products that are made exclusively for our First Nations Gifts marketplace.


We look for products or brands that tell a story! It’s not necessary for the story to be literal or obvious, it can be integrated into a product or range. You may have a great brand story or your story is part of your practice as a maker or part of your cultural heritage as a business owner.

Products on First Nations Gifts may embed a obvious or subtle, traditional or contemporary cultural story or visual identity.


First Nations Gifts offers products that are made for retail, whether they are commercially manufactured in large volume or hand-made at smaller volumes or limited editions. We love consistent, reproducable products.


All products must be presented at the highest quality including product packaging and shipping packaging.

Product photography must be of very high quality and fit within the image guidelines for the site. We encourage you to provide as many high-quality images as possible of your products.

We can also provide support to create high quality images of your products.


We love exclusive products and greatly appreciate businesses who are willing to create products exclusively for sale on First Nations Gifts

But overall, we just want to present your great products within a community of First Nations products and we don’t mind if you sell them yourself or wholesale them to other retailers.


We look for products that are priced for wholesale. As we are a retailer, your product pricing should allow wholesale pricing and embed a suitable profit margin for us to be able to retail the products.

First Nations Gifts focuses on selling products designed and created by First Nations Businesses and people.

We believe that an authentic First Nations Gift is a product created with the clear direction and control and economic benefit of a First Nations person or business.

We may also accept sellers who sell products where:

  • the product includes design or is designed by or manufactured by or is in collaboration with a First Nations business or artist;
  • is ethically produced; and
  • provides equitable income to a First Nations person or business.

You can sell as many as you like, there is no maximum, but there is a minimum to become a First Nations Gifts – Vendor.

When you apply to sell as a Vendor on First Nations Gifts, you must offer a minimum of six different products and continue to offer at least six different products.

If you have less than six individual products,

you can apply to become a First Nations Gifts – Product Seller and have your products sold directly by First Nations Gifts.

First Nations Gifts sells multiple and single products, limited edition products and hand-crafted items in our store.

You must offer your products for sale to Australia and New Zealand. You can also sell your products to other countries worldwide, where we offer these options on the site.

There are no fees to become a vendor or seller and to set-up an account on First Nations Gifts.

We also do not charge any ongoing subscription fees.

We just charge you a commission when you sell your product or service and a small fee per item sold.

As this page is publically available and this is ‘commercial in confidence’ information we provide our commission costs in the vendor registration page or can also email it to you directly to you.

Vendor Requirements

To apply to become a seller on First Nations Gifts you must:

  • Create, make, design, retail or manufacture high-quality, beautiful, unique or innovative First Nations products and be ready to sell and ship them.
  • Have professionally shot and styled product photographs that comply with the image specifications of First Nations Gifts or be willing to produce them.
  • Be committed to your business and to responsive customer service.
  • Be able to fulfill orders quickly and implement any site related procedures in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Have a Business or Brand name, Business or Brand logo and an ABN (if you are an Australian-based business/company).

Yes, we can provide both advice and support to assist you in creating your Brand presence on First Nations Gifts.

We can provide both technical and presentation advice when setting up your store so that it looks it best and complies with First Nations Gifts visual requirements.

We can give you tips on styling and photography, product descriptions, pricing and packaging.

Apply to become a vendor on First Nations Gifts:

You can express your interest via our Vendor Application page.

Once we receive your expression of interest and approve it, we will send you further information about how to complete the process of registering as a vendor and start selling.

If you are on board and registered, we will then create your Vendor Login, you can then login to the site as a vendor and begin creating your Vendor Store through your Dashboard.

Apply to have your product/s sold by First Nations Gifts (for sellers with less than six different products):

Please email us at First Nations Gifts at with the header ‘Join Marketplace’ with some images, product descriptions and retail prices.

If you did not find an answer to your question email us at