Bush Tucker Nesting Bowls – Square – White


‘Beautiful Shapes of Country.

I designed our Bush Tucker Nesting Bowls to reflect Ochre Shapes & Land Formations. Ochre is a precious mineral we collect for Ceremony.

Grateful to have been taught by Taungurung Elder the late Uncle Roy Patterson’

quote by Aboriginal Designer Annette Sax, Taungurung Badjur (woman) – @yarnstrongbrutha on instagram

Large Square White
Measures aprx: 14cm squared (C) 800ml, (H) 8.5cm,
(D) 19.5cm, (Wt) 580gm

Medium Square White
Measures aprx: 11x13x11x13cm (C) 400ml, (H) 6.5cm,
(D) 17cm (Wt) 340gm

Small Square White
Measures aprx: 10x9x10x9 (C) 150ml, (H) 5.5cm,
(D) 13cm, (Wt) 200gm

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