Mick Harding – Creative Entrepreneur
Mick Harding is a Yeerun-Illam-Baluk man of the Taungurung people. The Taungurung people occupy much of central Victoria. The Taungurung people are closely affiliated with the neighbouring tribes, through language, ceremonies and kinship ties. They form an alliance with five adjoining tribes to form the Kulin Nation. Other members of the Kulin Nation are the Woiwurrung, Boonwurrung, Wathaurung, and Djadjawrung. The Kulin Nation group also shares common dreamtime ancestors and creation stories, religious beliefs and economic and social relationships.

You can find about more about the Taungurung people and their culture here

Mick is an Aboriginal artist, Aboriginal elder and leader and a creative entrepreneur. He has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and is a cultural educator and wood-worker.

Mick is widely known for creating high quality, cultural implements in wood with pyro-graphic motifs and designs from South-Eastern Australia. He is also well known for his paper-based drawings using gel ink and felt tip pens and his print works using lino-cut and copperplate etching techniques.

He also creates a beautiful range of monochromatic designed products for his brand, Ngarga Warendj which is now available at First Nations Gifts.

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